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Stock Images - Why You Need Them and Where To Get Them

Florist, Naturopath, Builder, Baker.

Whatever your business, a picture paints a thousand words and is an essential tool for you to connect with both your potential and ideal clients. Potential clients can be almost anyone... Ideal clients = the ones where it doesn't feel like work to you, and they feel like they are getting the deal of the century when they pay you, because it's such a seamless experience for you both.

My recommendation is to continually revisit what an "ideal client" is for you. Who do you want to work with? What's their communication style? What is their budget? How do you make sure you are connecting with those potential customers first and foremost. And visually is in many ways the easiest hook.


Here are my favourite sites for finding free stock images. Keep scrolling...


This is a great site and you can even search by colour or key word.


Free do whatever you want to images. Updated regularly.


No attribution required! Use anyway you like


Beautiful site, and easy to search for different types of photos


If you want new ones regularly there are some great subscription sites, or else purchase as required with these...

SC Stockshop

Ok so firstly I have to say she has a great name (it's Shay!). Secondly her photos are the BEST. Super feminine, and limited purchases on any image or style to avoid duplicates. The quality is incredible so you can zoom in on any part of the image, cut and crop away and just get so much use out of each one. Search by colour or theme or buy a set for a complete look.

Creative Market

Small cost per photo. Great if you need something specific quickly!

Haute Chocolate Subscription

Stylish & Affordable Stock Photography for Women Entrepreneurs, Bloggers and Creative Professionals

Styled Stock Society - Subscription Service

Or, you could just leave it to us...

We LOVE to create and curate your visuals. Whether it's selecting free or paid for stock images that will convey your brand message, or arranging a photoshoot of you at your workplace, or of work you've done, this is something we do best.


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