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Why Avoid Wordpress Like the Plague...?

As a designer I can often see how things could look better. The frustration for me is if I don't have the tools to implement those changes. Or if all my energy goes on figuring out technical things at the expense of actually making something look good.

So when I built my own website, I did what everyone else did and got myself a Wordpress theme. I even paid for 'training'. And then I spent almost the next year in states of absolute over-it-ness attempting to create a decent site. (The training suuuucked and what I discovered was there was NO support from Wordpress themselves or even from the theme designers).

Granted, I chose a very technical theme that was super customisable (though was sold on how simple it was). And I was really busy with actual work so I didn't have heaps of time or need to devote to it. But nevertheless it was an experience that I never want to repeat, and made me think I could never design websites for other people - which was something I really wanted to do!

So What Changed?

I discovered Rocketspark.

They have an 0800 number. They work in NZ hours (and beyond, but you know what I mean). They have actual technical support. They want your business to succeed. They integrate with things like Vend and Xero and make SEO and Google Analytics EASY. And they're constantly improving and making changes to their platform.

Free Trial

As you can see they offer a free trial so you can have a play for yourself. Let us know if you do and we can also be there for support! You don't need to employ us for our web design service but of course we are here for that too. And if you want to sign up with them get in touch as I can offer a discount code for you as I am a design partner!

And Don't Just Take It From Me

I found this from a Wordpress web designer who also advises against DIYing a Wordpress site and here's her reasoning...

"Pro Tip: WordPress is no doubt the most flexible and powerful website builder on the list. Even so, WordPress is, in my opinion, not something I will suggest for people with no or limited technology skills, or for those who have never owned a website before. Why? Because WordPress has a much higher learning curve and setup costs than any fully managed website building software like [Rocketspark].

WordPress also don’t offer you a dedicated support team, whereas drag & drop website builders do.

I will only recommend using WordPress (aka self-hosted website builders) if:

  • This is not your first website (assuming you are somewhat familiar with the technical aspects of building websites, including some coding knowledge).
  • If you have very specific design or software need that only WordPress can provide.
  • If you have both time and money to spend on learning, building and managing a WordPress website."

Thanks Website Builder Expert ;) I couldn't agree more.

Want to discuss your site? We're more than happy to answer any questions or meet up to discuss if you are interested in handing over the design.


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