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5 Reasons To Hire A Brand Stylist: Your Spotlight For Growth

First of all what is a brand stylist?

There are many facets to your brand, and so many ways to curate, create and define your brand and how your business is presented.

Ultimately, a brand stylist is someone who tells customers who you are, what those products or services are that you offer, and what to expect from you.

This can be achieved through a simple brand strategy session and style guide, to an all-encompassing brand creation with the photos, website, content and basically all the fruit. What you need depends on where you're at right now. And I believe there's an approach for every stage.

​And when I say tells, what I mean is SHOWS.

Your customers and potential customers don't want to be told you're the best.
They don't even want to be told what you do.

But when you SHOW THEM in black and white (or full colour as the case may be), there is something so much more compelling that resonates with potential clients and builds trust. And when you can achieve that you have a potential relationship with which to build a loyal customer.

We like to look at it like using the words and graphics we create to shine a spotlight and your brand and all the things that set you apart from the rest.

1 // Branding is your most important business investment

Controversial? Totally biased? (especially coming from a graphic/web design aka a BRAND STYLIST...!?) Uuummm yes you got me there. 

When I say your most important business investment, I'm not talking about your staff, systems, equipment or premises. I'm talking about the intangible investment in creating and increasing business and if it is done right, this is a SOLID investment. 

Not only does undertaking a complete branding exercise determine the message you send to your customers, what it also does is reflect back to YOU all of the reasons you are building this business of yours. Your reasons, your motivations, your point of difference, what makes you/your business unique and NEEDED

What we have seen time and time again is people who make the leap to invest in branding suddenly walk taller, are more clear and confident in their business and offering, and something changes inside them that just means not only do their customers take them more seriously but they themselves do too.

“The biggest myth is that branding is equivalent to a logo
- when actually, it is much more than that”

Branding is conveying your mission. Your reason for being in business. That thing that makes it important that you are in the game with this offering you have. And any good brand stylist will be able to cut through all the excess to find that diamond and make it shine.

2 // Branding is NOT a logo

This is good and bad. It's good because - I believe - you don't need to have this perfectly created logo. I believe simple, uncomplicated logos can be all a business needs. The bad? You can have a simple - or should I say basic logo, as long as you are continuing your brand story with great content, other visual elements, an equally simple, uncomplicated website etc etc etc. Do you see what I mean? It's about CONSISTENCY. Consistency is key. And consistency comes down to having an actual brand strategy.

“The type of clientele you would like to attract will base
how you will strategically place your business in the market”

Branding is what people FEEL when they see your products, website, logo, social media posts, receive your goods, or see or hear from you in any form. As Maya Angelou said, people don't remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them FEEL.

3 // They will target your ideal client

Prime example - we spent a few years creating branded elements for a nationwide book chain. There had not been anything consistent in place before we came along. The budget was limited and so much of the 'branding' had been done by the in-house IT guy. Problem was, most of this chain's customers were women. This was not rocket science. But the simple change from dark colours, strong bold fonts, to lighter brighter colours and imagery connected far more effectively with their existing and potential customers. Sales increased. Job done.

It's not always that simple. But it also doesn't have to be complicated. It just takes someone who gets you and those clients and has the VISUAL LANGUAGE to connect the dots.

4 // They are graphic designers

They know their stuff - from file sizes to colour palettes, fonts to photos. Enough said.

5 // It is time consuming

We've said it before and we'll say it again. Your service/product/time is YOUR business. Hire a professional to do for you the business of BRANDING. It's less stressful, will take SO MUCH LESS TIME. And, most importantly it will be done right.

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