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4 Simple Reasons A ONE PAGE Website Could Be All You Need

Have you noticed the growing number of one page websites in recent years? Why are they so popular and are they suitable for your business? Not only do one page websites look sleek and elegant, but they can be a simple and effective way to get the information you need to your current and prospective clients. Let's explore if a one page website is enough for your business.

What Is A One Page Website?

Well, it is pretty much exactly as it sounds. It is one webpage that holds all the data and information for your business without the need to navigate to other pages on your site. The different pieces of information are sectioned off with attractive design, background images and colour blocks. 

A one page website is designed to give you an online presence, provide information to your website visitors and to capture leads. So if that is all your business needs, then it could be a great option for you. A one page design is easy to get online and is more cost effective than its complicated multi-page counterparts.

But, it probably won't work for your business if you have a big catalogue of products or services, a large ecommerce store, or you have a big collections of blog articles. 

Why A One Page Website Could Work For Your Business

1. It Is Easy To Digest

We all know there is A LOT of competition for our attention. A site that is too busy, complicated or too loaded with 'options' can quickly turn off potential readers. But a clear and simple site with no pop ups, other pages or big distractions allow you to take it all in.

Then, when you start to read, because you are not rushed by the approaching end of the page, you have the time to digest the content. You therefore achieve lower bounce rates and more engaged readers. On a standard website you are usually asked to hand over your name and email address before you even have a chance to know the business. But the leisurely pace of a one page website allows you to understand the business before being asked to do anything.

The simple design does not detract away from the content, so all you can focus on the story. If you can tell a good enough story, then people will naturally keep scrolling. There is no guesswork of which page you should click on to continue your browsing journey. 

Every website should have a prime objective and a one page website makes it easier to focus on that objective. There is no distraction of other pages to navigate away to, just the story and the call to action.

1. Take Action Through Story

You get to take your readers on a journey of discovery about your business by telling a good story. You can create a natural progression of hooking them in, telling them who you are, what you do and why they should work with your business. The next logical step for them will be to take action. This is a great opportunity to capture their email address, get them to book in for a free consult, or introduce them to your services. 

The storyline from introduction to action is very smooth, you can feed your reader the various parts they need at the appropriate time. You have an element of control over the distribution of your information. But on a multi-page website, the user experience can become disjointed if the reader clicks back and forth between pages. That makes is hard for them to follow the story in a logical order. 

3. It Looks Great On All Devices

More and more people are accessing the internet from their mobile devices. So if your site is not mobile responsive then you might turn people away. A one page website is the perfect medium for mobile devices as they have been created with those devices in mind. They automatically size correctly for any device.

There is also no need to try and tap tiny buttons or links with your finger. You can just keep scrolling to access more information. A lot of one page website designs are intuitive with the ability to swipe away pop ups, slide out or slide down menus, and they can utilise GPS. 

4. It Is Cost Effective

With any small business, cost is a serious consideration when it comes to investing in your brand. A website is an essential element of your business visibility, but the costs can quickly add up when designers, developers and copywriters get involved with the final product.

The setup of a one page website is much less time consuming than its multi-page counterparts. That means that the cost is far lower too. The end result is that you can get a professional business presence online, even if your budget is tiny.

So Is A One Page Website For You?

It is important to understand your business needs before you can decide if a one page design is right for you. We have already discussed the fact that it isn’t practical to have a large range of products, or lots of blog articles on a one page design. But you also need to consider your marketing tactics. Advanced marketing techniques like SEO and retargeting are not as effective with a one page website.

But if you have a small range of products or services, you want to give your potential and existing clients a professional place to find you online, or a place to direct web traffic and to capture leads, then a one page website could be for you.

If you are interested in a one page design, then we have the perfect solution for you at Repeatable. Our Pop Pages give you a simple and cost effective way of getting your business online. Not only that, but they are elegant, professional and easy for your clients to use.

Get in touch with Shay today to discuss if Pop Pages are the way to increase the visibility of your business.


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