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BRAND SPOTLIGHT: B Suite Web + Brand by Repeatable

The brief

Sarah is an excellent beauty therapist with incredible reviews - we always love working with people like her - and she was a dream! We knew her attention to detail and care in how she communicates would result in a great site and this is one we go back to and show off on multiple occasions (it's also generated work from others who have loved it just as much!). 

Her services were changing to include more natural and toxic-free products, so this was important to incorporate into her branding. Most - but not all - of her clients are women so it was important to portray a feminine vibe, but we didn't want to go super girly, and also wanted to include the green + nature imagery for the new direction she was heading in.

Logo & Brand

We created this board to showcase all the elements we created for BSUITE.

The final logo

The pricelist

This was a creative way to show her 'menu' - as this was a one page website we needed to think of ways outside the box to include all the details. Viewers can also download the full pricelist as a PDF from the site.


We LOVE working with great images. 

Profile photos are key for personal brands and reflecting who you are and your business - the more you can build trust by showing who you are to potential clients, the more likely it is that it is you they will call on when they need someone with your services. These images worked really well to show who she is, and give a little sneak peak into the room/table which is all part of the BSUITE experience.

Stock Images

Imagery is so important to us. We have a bunch of favourite sites we use to source on-brand imagery that is unique and helps to tell the story of the business or brand we are creating. We like to mix it up with original images and also do a lot of manipulation to keep the style consistent. We will often create composite images, alter colours and add or remove details from found imagery to get them just right.

We created this flat lay from multiple other images to create a custom background feature with wow factor!


The website brought everything together and is the main way people can book appointments. We used subtle buttons to link to Sarah's chosen booking system which mean she gets all the functionality she needs from them, without compromising on a beautiful, easy to use website.


For BSUITE we also designed social media elements so she could post away on Facebook in a consistent way. This is so important to good branding and it's something we encourage all our clients to do.

The style guide

For future reference we always supply a style guide (and always start with a mood board to get us on the same age as far as the style and ideas the client already has in mind). 


We love seeing the love when the new site goes live! No matter how small a business, these visual ways of communicating what you do and how you do it is what sets you apart and grows the business you have built! We love your work Sarah!


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