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BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Savvy Oilers Web + Brand by Repeatable

Savvy Oilers is a brand dedicated to building a community of (mostly) women who are passionate about living more naturally with beautiful toxic free makeup and cleaning products, and the biggest range of essential oils on the planet. The brand needed to convey youth, excitement, fresh + natural vibes and a lot of fun!


The website

The website was a way to connect with prospective sign ups (and has worked incredibly well for this!) generating a lot of organic leads largely through great SEO and original content.

Facebook banners

The group is a secret group for members and needed consistent imagery... there are also monthly promotions that go on so a lot of graphics were needed. 


These are a great way to convey the loads of information. Keeping them on small handout cards is an easy way to share this knowledge and also the brand!

Business cards

Cards are made for individual members and they can choose their own cover image from within the image bank.

Instagram graphics

These are a mix of found stock imagery, and graphics we've made with text, and also a few composite images to include the oils. Keeping the pink + green + black colour scheme gives consistency and helps to convey the brand values and vibe.


Thanks to the new brand and website Savvy Oilers (previously Deeply Superficial) are now getting organic signs up and new members. 


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