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BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Sabina Midwife Web + Brand by Repeatable

Sabina is an experience midwife who has so much to offer expectant mothers. She offers customised coaching and workshops to equip, support and instil confidence and it was an absolute pleasure to work with her on updating her site so that she can grow her business and reach those mums-to-be who need her expertise!

Logo and business card

Sabina had a logo already which we took elements from to create a logo that depicted the new direction her business was moving in. We were able to incorporate a drawing a friend had done for her and created the tagline (with the help of her copywriter as well) that summed it up in a way which suited Sabina and her practice perfectly.


We love working with great images and Sabina's were some of the best! Taken by the talented Emily Raffils of Point and Shoot (who also did our photos!). Profile photos set the tone for the whole website, particularly for personal brands. We know people are tired of images that look staged or look like stock images, so the more we can use original photos the better - and nothing is more unique to a business than the individuals who make it. We found complimentary stock images (that are fresh and completely in keeping with her brand) from both our paid and free sources.

Web design

We designed Sabina's beautiful new website in a modern wide-screen format that responds to any screen width and size and is importantly mobile friendly. For us branding is the WHOLE picture. It's more than a logo, a website, a name... 

It's the VISUALS (imagery, colours, typography, logos and extra design elements), the MESSAGING (the words, the tone and calls to action), and the FUNCTION - what good is a pretty website if it doesn't A: work easily for your viewers on any device (and this is why we use Rocketspark!), and B: work FOR you and lead your viewers to make the appointment or buy the thing! 

We worked closely with Sabina's copywriter on the words and flow of the site. Sabina's first language is German and while her English is impeccable she wanted to make sure the right phrasing was used and the tone was both friendly and warm but also showed that she is an authority and expert in the area of childbirth preparation. We believe we achieved this!

Social media presence

We created simple Facebook banners for her business page and private online group.

Forms and sign ups

Due to the nature of Sabina's business, we used a combination of booking forms and newsletter sign up sheets. These are all free, and with our customisation they fit right in with her brand to make her client's complete experience seamless and straightforward.

We've embedded the Facebook page to make it easy for people to "Like" her page without even leaving her website.

Scheduling a one-on-one appointment or booking in a weekend workshop (and entering details) is made easy with our customised forms embedded into her site.

MeetUp website branding

Door sign


The works!


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