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BizStory content - words with purpose

At Repeatable we love to work with people who know the business we are in. Over the years BizStory have proven to be a trusted partner, helping our clients to formulate their business vision and voice. In short, you get a better website when the content is written with style! And it's YOUR style. 

Here's a bit more about what they can do for you...

The online wordsmiths who back-up your business

With a team of in-house digital content writers, BizStory Content produce quality copy that communicates your expertise, captures your vision, and engages your customers. 

To amplify your business in the online space, you need an impressive website. But, without good content, customers won’t be engaged – if they even find you.

Here’s why you need a copywriter in the first place, and why we partner with BizStory Content, to create the ultimate online experience for your customers.

Stick to what you know

You might be an expert within your industry, but that doesn’t mean you should write your web content.

Being too close to the topic and writing from expertise will overwhelm or intimidate your reader, with too much jargon and too little relatability. 

To reel-in potential customers and engage your audience, your web content has to strike the perfect balance between expertise, relatability, and inspiration.

A switched-on copywriter communicates your point of difference with a creative strategy, using the right language and tone to spark an interest – and generate sales.

Time is of the essence

Business owners, marketing managers, and decision makers have little time to spare. With all the daily challenges that come with managing a business, do you really have the time to sit down and create your own content? 

Even if you work a 40 hour week, the time you spend outside of work is hardly optimal for creativity.

Think about it, you come home from a long day: your family are excited to see you and there’s food that needs preparing and eating. Your dog is yapping for a walk, or you’re yearning to wind down the day with a wine.

The point is you have a life outside of work – and most people like to keep it that way. But copywriters dedicate their working day to your content, and have the time to invest in actually creating something exceptional that reflects your business.

Do you know how to write for the web?

Yeah, everyone took high school English. But to write online content, you’re not appealing to your teachers’ grading system – there's a whole different set of ‘rules’ that make up effective writing online. And there’s a crucial stakeholder that demands consideration – search engines.

Expert copywriters integrate Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) into your copy, using the right words to drive web traffic to your site.

Why BizStory?

Collaboration is key in creating your content

BizStory Content want to hear your story in order to write it. They collaborate with you to best establish the tone of your content and the message you want it to deliver. 

Throughout your project, BizStory‘s writers establish the best means for clear communication with you and your team. They work through a streamlined process of drafting and responding to feedback – designed to make sure the content is a perfect fit for your business.

  • Availability 

With a team of in-house writers working regular 9-5 hours, BizStory are available to write your copy 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. 

  • SEO

BizStory Content weaves SEO keywords into your content to increase web traffic and boost audience engagement – appealing to both your customers, and the search engine robots.

Using SEO research tools, the team creatively integrate keywords into your content without compromising your voice.

  • Teamwork

Writers are a team, and BizStory collaborate on every project. Every piece of content goes through a high-level review process before it’s shared to your screen.

How copywriting and web design blend together

We keep in touch with our copywriters constantly throughout your project, to align on goals and ensure the copy and the design are seamlessly complementing each other. 

A strategic process, it circles back to the value of collaboration and how working together will help us to deliver you the best possible website for your business.

Interested in finding out more? Talk to us today!


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