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Time for a refresh

New season, new look. 

From our brand to some of our past clients, a site refresh is often a very simple process (especially on Rocketspark) to emphasise a new direction, highlight a core value, and to simply express your unique position in your industry. 

Keeping your site fresh conveys to people that you are ready to take their business, and goes a long way to show them what they can expect when working with you. 

We recently did some little shifts in our branding. Nothing major - a simple change in font and logo, and some work on our colours. For Ann-Louise of Hyde Inside (and current judge on The Block NZ) it was a simple website spruce up, change of fonts and a little extra colour.

Take a look!

Hyde Inside before

We previously used a font that mimicked her handwriting. It was a personal touch, but there are some beautiful new fonts available and it's such an easy change to make.



I loaded too much text here previously. It needed some air to breathe, and could be edited down to highlight the main message.



Here things could be simplified again. We've now removed some of the images and again streamlined text, as well as warming it up with some sot colour - changing it from the cool grey/white/blue tones.



And... after!

The site looks fresher, warmer and simpler. 

See for yourself here.

When you want a fresh new look keep it simple with us at Repeatable.


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