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How to create a brand

There are countless ways to create and build your brand  - from the initial conception, logo creation, and all your visual representation, to the many ways you convey your brand in your interactions with clients, 'branding' is a big topic.

For this case study, I wanted to show you how easy it is (when you trust the professionals of course), to have an effective online presence to give you a real point of difference.

Case in point: Child in Mind

I can take no credit for this perfect business name: Child in Mind. 

Doesn't it instantly express that this business takes great care, by using the phrase "child in mind"? It's clever, in that her business is child psychology. She deals with the thoughts and patterns of a child's mind, but not from a behind-a-big-cold-desk kind of way. 

Instead she uses play, patience, and understanding as her main tools (as well as an incredible array of toys characters and figurines) and all of this we wanted to portray in her website.

The logo

For her logo we used a simple graphic that alluded to either a rain cloud, or tears. The multi colours represents all emotions - that we are never just one and that they are all ok and welcome. Psychology can be scary and intimidating, as can big feelings, and we wanted to portray a logo that felt warm and accepting.

The website

Nicola was able to provide excellent copy (the words) for her site. She has mapped it out in her head and written up what was needed where. This simplified the process for us, where only minor changes were required. While what she achieves is significant and at times complex, what she offers is simple: solutions for parents and caregivers who are struggling with their child's feelings or behaviours.

The website is therefore simple and to the point. It has been one she has been able to maintain and make changes to as needed (i.e. her appointments filled up very quickly, and as things changed with alert levels she was able to communicate it).

We love this site and brand. How does your business portray their point of difference? We are here when you are ready to create an online presence you are proud of.


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