Hello Palmerston North! Searching for a website designer?

You may have seen us around Palmerston North and we like to think we are locals now but embarrassingly we haven't yet formally introduced ourselves.  How rude! 

In a nutshell we are award winning website designers who live and breathe beautifully simple Rocketspark websites. 

We escaped gridlocks of Auckland two years ago for the ManawatÅ«. We had a Haunui-a-Nanaia moment when we decided which greener pastures to relocate to: our heart (manawa) also found peace or momentarily stopped (tatÅ«) when we saw the Manawatu River. Then I read this in Wikipedia: 

"In 1971, a competition to design a civic building for the vacant railway land at the Square, is won by Wellington architects, Maurice and John Patience."

Maurice is my great uncle who also designed my grandparents home and the home my father now lives in. This building was far more brutalist than the modernism I was used to in his style but still, it sealed the deal that this was a place we connected to and could call home.

If you have a small businesses, are a solopreneur, or have your own personal brand then we are your kind of people. We understand the personal element to what you do and what makes your business tick - it's about the relationships you have built, the trust you have earned, and the care you put into each customer's experience when they work with you. All of that we translate onto your website to showcase what makes you stand out from the rest.

If you like things simple, we have a straightforward design process with very happy clients to testify. Whatever you need - if it's photos, words or just someone else to sort out this part of your business so you can get back to work, we happily take the reins and bring it all together. 

We still work in Queenstown, Auckland, Wellington and Australia but, with Palmy home, more than anything we would love to work with you. 

Contact us today or go straight to book in a time to chat here - in person or on the phone or Zoom. 

Website Designer Palmerston North
Website Designer Palmy Palmerston North


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