Let's create something good

We love to give back! Right now we are hoping to find a deserving Charity or Not For Profit who needs a brand new website. We want to enable them to give more time and resources to their cause, and to get them more awareness and support through a well designed website that does what they need it to do.

Apply below for a FREE Not For Profit website designed and built by us at Repeatable. This offering also includes FREE Rocketspark hosting and support for life.

Please share this page with others so we can find the worthy recipient. 

Each application will be considered at the time of submission and as soon as a recipient is found we will begin work. This will open again next year so keep your applications coming - they are always welcome!

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Thank you for your application :)

The news

"To give back, Rocketspark’s CEO Grant Johnson, after speaking on the company’s 2021 vision which aimed to make the world a better place, announced they would be giving each Design Partner a free not-for-profit website – for life – voucher.

The partners would be able to choose who they designed and gave the website to."

All the best to all applicants!


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