• Shay Peat - repeatable web design
  • My husband Aaron and I rebranded as this about 18 months ago after my freelance graphic design practice kept getting busier
  • Lots of repeat customers
  • Time to expand

Repeatable is a play on our last name if you hadn’t already figured that out!

And these are our 2 little repeats

Two reasons I got into this field of web design

  • Passionate about words, images & people’s stories - why they do what they do / what is unique about them
  • Frustrated by ugly websites that dont’ work

For me nothing better - tired, clunky site, giving new lease of life.

One client was ready to quit - so energised - 2 more years - no signs of stopping

Through the process of working with us, we see business owners get clear on their business vision, excited, proud, more confident when the new site goes live

  • One of my favourite client stories is of Kate the Gardener. 
  • She had created her own website (first mistake)
  • On the Weebly web building platform (second mistake) 
  • Bland, boring, did not show what she did
  • Goal: Totally stand out
  • Brainstormed and came up with ‘Rockstar gardener’ as a theme
  • Mood board
  • Colours
  • Imagery 
  • Photographer 
  • Photoshoot locations
  • and created a whole brand and story to set her apart
  • Believe it or not Kate used to be a lawyer. But she had a dream to work in the mud and take on the male dominated landscape design industry in a fresh way. 
  • Because she was bold we got to have a lot of fun and boldly show her point of difference

Basically she wanted her logo to look good on a black truck (when she gets her black truck I’ll send her your way Brenton!)

And this is the homepage of her finished site

Basically in real life and online you have 7 seconds to create a first impression.

This is where people decide whether they like you or not. Or want to work with you or not. 

Even if you think you don’t get sales from your website the majority of your customers or potential customers are going to view it at some point. 

It’s your virtual front door, smile, handshake, receptionist and sales superstar. So it may as well be working for you right?!

This type of client is our ideal referral.

  • - they have a service
  • - They have a vision for their business - want to make an impact
  • - take their business to the next level
  • - leverage their ‘personal brand’ by telling a story to connect with potential clients

What is personal branding?

We all do it to some extent - we represent ourselves and our businesses here every week. And using it online, we’ve come to see it is really effective.

  • Tells your story
  • Highlights your point of difference
  • Putting yourself out there shows vulnerability - the ‘real people’ part
  • Shows you are Proud to stand behind what you do
  • Builds your credibility and trust
  • The focus is on the relationship you will have when you work with this person or team
  • People want to do business with people they like! We love to show all the reasons why you will benefit from working with them.

We won an award for this site at the Rocketspark Partner awards. Her business has grown an incredible 500% since we launched the site.

Total rockstar.


Another example - Queenstown real estate team Kirsty and Co.

People are their business.
They needed to showcase the passion and energy they bring when you buy or sell with them. We had fun and I think you can see that energy coming through the site.
No one has referred as much business to us as Kirsty!

Other businesses we like to work with...


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