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Repeatable are a small team who love what we do! We create brands, websites and customise your online presence with everything from graphic design to photography to the words. We love to tell the story of your business, to connect you with the right audience, and make you and your business shine.

Shayna Peat | Creative Director | Repeatable

Shay - Creative Director

After finishing my Bachelor of Design at Unitec I worked at an incredible Film Production company ( doing all sorts as they established themselves slash saved the world. I adored the company and the people, but I just always wanted to do my own thing.

So we bought a business...
An iconic bookstore in Remuera. It had been there for 25+ years and we were able to keep it alive for another decade as it's still going now. We also opened a couple more. After that stint, and about 4 million side projects, I realised where I belonged and began freelancing as a graphic designer.

I just love to get to know each and every client personally - your story, your reason for doing what you do and where you want to take your business. I love to create beautiful brands that are true to the people behind them and make them shine.

Aaron Peat | Repeatable | Website Design | SEO

Aaron - Business Manager

After seasons in the food manufacturing industry and in telecommunications - both with client management and sales roles - Aaron has more recently been the National Sales Manager of a chain of nationwide stores with ecommerce and a wholesale division with an email list of nearly 40,000. So combined with the bookstore and an online store we ran for awhile, he has a bunch of experience with business from small to corporate and everything in between.

All this to say we love BUSINESS. Yours, ours, the works. 

As the Business & Account Manager for Repeatable, Aaron is the go to guy for everything! He's been assessed by Google and has earned his formal Google certification for sales of mobile phone search & display advertising. If you haven't registered for a free Google My Business listing, then ask Aaron how!

We love to share what we've learned along the way about business, and make yours work for you!

Emma | Graphic Design | Repeatable

Emma - Designer Extraordinaire

Emma has a great eye for detail and creating beautiful layouts and graphics. Whether you need a poster, a brochure, a business card or Facebook banner she will create something gorgeous!

Emma was the Rocketspark Template Design WINNER for 2018. Sponsored by Bizstory, the Rocketspark Template Design competition was open to all designers, not only Rocketspark Design Partners. 

Did we mention we LOVE business..?

Yours, ours, the works.
And we love to make yours work for you.
Website Design | Social Media Content | Branding | Repeatable

Is your website working for you?

Whether it's your website, newsletter or
social media presence that needs a makeover,
we have the skills, tools and passion to make you shine.

It's what we do. 

So you can get back to doing what YOU do.

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