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Entire Web & Brand Overhaul

Kate the Rockstar Gardener. And now winner of the David Awards Outstanding Lifestyle Business Award for 2017. Go Kate!

The brief

Kate is a gorgeous person and a joy to work with. Her glowing testimonials are proof as is spending even one minute with her. The best line in her brief to me - apart from the whole idea of creating a Rockstar Gardener brand (yes please! So fun!!) was when she said she just wanted to make sure the logo would look good on a big black truck. That is a brief people! I hope we have really achieved that and just to give you a glimpse where it started with here's the first round of drafts I sent through >>>

Logo and business card

It's always a great feeling when you hit the logo right straight away. Doesn't always happen, I'll be honest. But this time the final design was a mix of the two favourites from the original drafts - taking the text/font from one and the frame from another. Yay! We designed both Kate's logo and business cards, setting the tone for her brand to reflect both her personal style and her business. So here's what we created:


We LOVE working with great images. We were lucky enough to have our superstar photographer Emily on board for this shoot and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. Kate was a great sport (it's not easy being in a public setting and casually taking important branding photos!) but Emily is just the loveliest person to work with and to make you feel at ease and enjoy the process and I know the pictures show that. And how about those colours?! See how Kate's scarf was just made for those rows of flowers behind her?! We could not have planned that better if we tried! Profile photos are key for personal brands and reflecting who you are and your business - the more you can build trust by showing who you are to potential clients, the more likely it is that it is you they will call on when they need someone with your services.


We designed Kate's beautiful new website in a modern wide-screen format that responds to any screen width and size and is importantly mobile friendly.

Social Media Presence

We created several banners for her Facebook business page, to create a cohesive look for her business along with her website. By embedded the Facebook feed onto her main page people can see her latest posts and like it without leaving her site.

KTG Team Shots

Kate's team has grown over the past 2 months since her new website went live. So some updated photos with her whole team were in order! Here they are...

Style Guide

Blog Posts

Kate already had a blog set up when she employed me, and so we were able to include this in the new website. This included creating vibrant blog social squares with her new logo that reflects her brand and each of her posts.


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