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Entire Web & Brand Overhaul

Sabina is an experience midwife who has so much to offer expectant mothers. She offers customised coaching and workshops to equip, support and instil confidence and it was an absolute pleasure to work with her on updating her site so that she can grow her business and reach those mums-to-be who need her expertise!

Logo and business card

Sabina's logo had already been created but we needed to really narrow and define her niche so the addition of "Birth Preparation Coach" was key.


We love working with great images and are gathering an excellent network of talented & passionate photographers. Profile photos set the tone for the whole website, particularly for personal brands. We found complimentary stock images from both our paid and free sources.

Web design

We designed Sabina's beautiful new website in a modern wide-screen format that responds to any screen width and size and is importantly mobile friendly.

Social media presence

We created simple Facebook banners for her business page and private online group.

Forms and sign ups

Due to the nature of Sabina's business, we used a combination of booking forms and newsletter sign up sheets. These are all free, and with our customisation they fit right in with her brand to make her client's complete experience seamless and straightforward.

We've embedded the Facebook page to make it easy for people to "Like" her page without even leaving her website.

Scheduling a one-on-one appointment or booking in a weekend workshop (and entering details) is made easy with our customised forms embedded into her site.


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