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Entire Web & Brand Overhaul

Kyoko is a beautiful therapist - inside and out - and she is passionate about Reflexology and the incredible benefits it can provide. I was excited to try it for myself and after a generous complimentary session I am HOOKED! It was incredibly relaxing AND therapeutic. I went in with a sore back, neck and shoulders and was so surprised to feel almost total relief from that after the session when she only worked on my feet! It's amazing. I love my job ;) Here's how we have helped to bring her business to more people...

Logo and business card

Kyoko already had a logo and some printed material when she employed me, and so this wasn't part of the original package. But I tend to go the extra mile and just knew a refreshed logo that was colourful, vibrant and fun would be a key ingredient to her total website package. So here's what we created:


We love working with great images and are gathering an excellent network of talented & passionate photographers. However in this case we were working to a budget and so I took the photos! It was fun to capture her in a very short-and-sweet shoot, and once her business is more established she can invest in some really great professional images. Profile photos are key for personal brands - people want to feel like they know you before making a purchase or booking an appointment. We found complimentary stock images from both our paid and free sources.


We designed Kyoko's beautiful new website in a modern wide-screen format that responds to any screen width and size and is importantly mobile friendly.

Social Media Presence

We created simple banners for her Facebook business page, and embedded that Facebook feed onto her Contact page so that people can see her latest posts and like it without leaving her site.

Booking forms

The key action we want people to take on Kyoko's site is to BOOK a session. (The only hard part will be deciding which one!) We created a Treatment page with all the info, then used a great platform to take the bookings which we embed into her site. This is a free booking system, and with our customisation (the added buttons) it fits right in with her brand to make her client's complete experience seamless and straightforward.

More to come

Now that we have her brand and style sorted, it's really easy for me to create the other things she needs. Next up is a Gift Voucher (and I need to get this done before my mum's birthday because guess what mum? You're in for a Reflexology treat!), and footpath sign and local magazine ad. It's been a pleasure to see this all come to fruition as Kyoko has set herself up in her new location. I wish her all the best and look forward to my next treatment!


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