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Brand new branding

Monique is an incredible stylist who works with women all around the country (as of last weekend!) who wear 14+ and for whatever reason have lost their mojo dressing up. Her philosophy is YOU are the special occasion and everything she does reflects how much she means that. The way she treats people, champions them, encourages and supports, and builds an incredible team and tribe of positivity and fun.

The brief...

After properly meeting at the RISE women's event in Auckland Monique took a big leap of faith and trusted me to come up with something she would love. Eeek no pressure.

Web mock-ups

The first stage of the process was showing Monique how  a "simple" text logo would look striking on her webpage. It's always easier to SEE so I created a little mock up of how her logo would look in situ, and it really helped us both with decisions moving forward.

Business card and logo

The biggest challenge for me was creating Monique's face/pink bob icon. It was a completely new thing for me to try to do and yes I spent waaaayyyyy too long on it, but hey, look at that thing! It's gorgeous! (I was working with gorgeous material so that wasn't the hard part ;) Basically it was the first thing I ever made on Illustrator - the program I've avoided my whole designer life. How's that for a confession?

Email Signature

To tie in with her Logo and Icon we created a email signature

Style Guide


Social Media Presence

We created a banner for her Facebook business page, to create a cohesive look to reflect her personal brand and style.

For Instagram we created vibrant backgrounds in the same style as the Facebook banner and Logo to add quotes to, creating a social media presence

Web elements

Monique had entrusted her web redesign to Louisa from Redhead Digital but to complete the site and tie it all together the last thing we created was this glittery banner for behind the menu. Job complete! I'm am so excited to see what is next for Monique.


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